Stylist Level 4


Locations available: Leonardtown 

Year Started in the Industry:

Year Started at The Hair Company:

Favorite Quote:
"Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see" Mark Twain

When and How did you get your Start:
i began my career as a shampoo assistant and my love for hair and the passion of making people see their beauty grew from there.

Why did you choose the beauty industry?
Knowing that you can really touch people through this craft is amazing. The moment you turn a client to face the mirror after their style is finished and seeing the joy on their face is so rewarding.

Why do you love working at The Hair Company?
The Hair Company truly cares about their employees and treats them as such with the programs and our continuing education they provide for us.

Favorite Product & Why:
Redkens one united has to be my favorite multi purpose product. In one product you can add necessary moisture to help tame frizz, built in heat protectant and detangling are just some of its awesome benefits.

What is your favorite service to perform? Why?
Cutting would have to be my favorite service. With the right cut you can really transform a persons style. The art of the hair cut is really what begins the process of creating a new look.

What do you feel you are strongest in technically? (color, cutting, balayage etc..,)
I feel that all services are equally as important but for me the act of cutting and creating a look has to be my strong suit. A look begins with an awesome cut and coloring is the added bonus.

List 3 words that describe you:
Understanding, Strength, Caring

What's your favorite thing to do in your off time?
My time off is usually spent with my three boys and husband at some sort of sporting event for the boys.

Is there anything else you could share about you? (Something interesting or fun, or perhaps something that others may be surprised to know about you)
In my spare time I love to cook and bake.


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FRI | 09:00 AM -05:00 PM

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