Heather G

Heather G

HR, Stock Holder, Director of Finance, Inventory


Year Started in the Industry:
Year Started at The Hair Company:
Favorite Quote:
Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else....Margaret Mead
When and How did you get your Start:
Mom! (Debbie) I used to get off the bus and help her at her salon in St. Leonard when I was in middle school.
Why do you love working at The Hair Company?
I love the entire team at Hair Co! We have an entire staff of funny, lovable, hard working, professional, and creative employees. The leadership team also happens to be wonderful! A great staff combined with the terrific guests that visit make this a great place to work.
Favorite Product & Why:
Pureology Fullfyl Shampoo because it adds lots of volume to my hair.
List 3 words that describe you:
Happy, conscientious, easy-going.
What's your favorite thing to do in your off time?
I spend most of my time off with my family and I love to read.
Is there anything else you could share about you? (Something interesting or fun, or perhaps something that others may be surprised to know about you)
I can 't think of anything!

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