Stylist Level 5


Year Started in the Industry
Year Started at The Hair Company 
Favorite Quote:
"Though she be but little, she is fierce"
When and How did you get your Start:
I started working at a salon during high school as a shampoo girl!
Why did you choose the beauty industry?
After being a shampoo girl for so long, I realized I wanted to be a hairstylist and make people feel beautiful myself!
Why do you love working at The Hair Company?
We all work together as a team, we inspire each other to become better stylists, we seriously have the best team and clients ever! We have a great reputation, we are surrounded by good vibes. We have awesome learning opportunities.. the list goes on.
Favorite Product & Why:
"Colour Fanatic (21 spray)
This prouduct is my fav bc it's a leave in conditioner, detangler, it helps with frizz static and shine.. it has 21 different benefits in it! It's lightweight and it's a good product for someone who doesn't like to put a lot of stuff in their hair. It's like a all-one product. "
What is your favorite service to perform? Why?
Color services! It's fun and you can use your talent to create a great image.
What do you feel you are strongest in technically? (color, cutting, balayage etc..,)
I would say highlighting and balayage, and I enjoy doing them as well!
List 3 words that describe you:
* fun   *spontaneous   *outgoing
What's your favorite thing to do in your off time?
Spending time with family and friends.
Is there anything else you could share about you? (Something interesting or fun, or perhaps something that others may be surprised to know about you)
I have no idea? I'm left handed?? Haha


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