Brittany P

Brittany P

Stylist Level 5


locations available: Charlotte Hall
Year Started in the Industry:
Year Started at The Hair Company:
Favorite Quote:
Life's roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.
When and How did you get your Start:
I started working in a hair salon in high school as a shampoo girl in 2002
Why did you choose the beauty industry?
While working at the salon after high school I got sucked into the fun atmosphere and decided to go to hair school.
Why do you love working at The Hair Company?
"Because we are family, no matter what is going on in anyone's life we are all there for each other no matter what!! 
And I love all the opportunities and education we have and get."
Favorite Product & Why (of course one we carry):
Pillow proof 2 day extender!!!!! Because it helps extend your time inbetween shampoos, which also helps preserve your hair color! It's a win win for everyone
What is your favorite service to perform? Why?
Color!! Any color!!! Because it is fun and for the most part can always be changed. There are so many options and sometimes even making a subtle change can make someone feel completely different.
What do you feel you are strongest in technically? (color, cutting, balayage etc..,)
I'd say color correction, I love a challenge
List 3 words that describe you:
What's your favorite thing to do in your off time?
Most of my off time is spent with family and taking my kiddos to and from sports.
What does customer service mean to you?
It means to make the client feel comfortable and making their experience with you a good one. Going the extra mile to make them feel welcome and not making anything they ask for feel like a bother.


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